MYP Law Firm is very experienced in providing legal services and has handled a variety of legal issues in various fields, this is mainly due to the partners and senior lawyers from this office come from a variety of well-known and experienced advocate office in Jakarta, thus we are definitely having the best quality in the field of law.

MYP offer extensive services in various forms of business transactions, general trade, finance, investment and intellectual property rights. In matters of litigation MYP handle different cases in the areas of bankruptcy, corporate, banking, finance, foreign investment, international trade, securities and other derivative products, capital markets, intellectual property, oil and gas, mining, real estate, construction and other cases.

MYP uphold the ethical and professional code of ethics and always try to resolve any client matters in a timely manner at a reasonable cost of any services provided. Personal touch with mature intellectual abilities are supported by analytical and systematic approach will always provide quality legal services in an efficient time.

Our diverse experience in dealings with  various government agencies, both at the central and regional levels, enables us always to update the information in the fields of legislation and government policy. With experience and expertise, our office is able to meet almost all needs of clients in Indonesian law, and is also able to provide assistance in a variety of situations faced by the client.


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