Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the rights that arise from the proceeds of the intellectual process or created from the human intellectual capacity that produces a product or the process that is useful to humans, and the IPR holder shall be entitled to obtain economic benefits (economic right) to such intellectual property.

The awareness of the importance of IPR registration was felt when the work is acknowledged by other parties, and then conflicts often occur in the fighting for such intellectual work that creates the cases until the green table/ court. In such a situation, not only energy and costs should be spent but also IPR may be transferred to another party.

Therefore, to obtain the legal acknowledgement and protection for the owner of such IPR, such IPR should immediately be protected by making an application for IPR registration through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Right.

MYP Patent can help companies, industries (small, medium and big), agencies and individuals for the process of registration in Indonesia and in other legality processes in the field of IPR at affordable costs.

MYP Patent is the experienced IPR consultant office that provides the services in the field of IPR that includes the services of consultation, registration, transfer, license, elimination, cancellation, extension, and handling of IPR matters at the commercial court level.

MYP Patent provides the services:

  1. Consultation on IPR
  2. Searching for Information on IPR
  3. Application for IPR registration
  4. Elimination, cancellation, extension, transfer, and license
  5. Submission of objection/denial of IPR registration
  6. Settlement of the case of the Right to Intellectual Property at the Commercial Court level.

In general IPR is divided into 2 (two) parts, including

  1. Copyright
  2. Industrial property right, including:
  • Patent,
  • Industrial Design
  • Trademark
  • Geographical Indication
  • Integrated Circuit of Layout Design
  • Trade confidentiality.



MYP Patent provides services:

  1. IPR Consultation
  2. Searching for the benefit of IPR registration
  3. Registration of Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Deletion, extension, transfer and license
  5. Submission of rebuttal to the issuance of other intellectual property rights which has similarity
  6. IPR settlement at the Commercial Court level.

Broadly speaking IPR is divided into two (2) sections, covering:

  1. Copyright
  2. Industrial property rights which includes:
  • Patent
  • Industrial Design
  • Trademark
  • Layout Design of Integrated Circuit
  • Trade Secret, and
  • Crop Varieties


In the globalization era, protection of the creations such as audio, visual and aesthetics is very important because of the development of the entertainment industry that places arts work in the commercial field. Copyright includes the work of literature, painting, photography, sculpture, and music that have the protection during the life of the creators and goes on until 50 years after the death of the creators.


The way to indicate the identity of the goods/services, give the differentiating elements between other goods/services and serving the interpretation of trust in the quality and integrity of such goods/services. Therefore, trademarks may become the long-term investment. Trademarks may be formed of the words, phrases, figures, letters, pictures or the combination of all these. The trademark holder is given the exclusive right to use, sell, license and prohibit other parties from using or resemble such trademark without the permission of the trademark holder. The time period of the trademark protection is 10 (ten) years and may be extended.

Geographical Indications

Informing that a certain product produced in a certain location will produce certain characteristics and quality that are different from the products produced in other locations. This happens because there are the geographically differentiating factors that include nature, human factors or the combination of both factors.

Trade Confidentiality

The success of a business is influenced by how the business is run so that it will be able to compete with other business agents. Trade confidentiality is the information that cannot be known generally, regarding the mechanism/ methods of production, processing, technology, marketing, and everything that has economic values for a business. Therefore, special protection is needed regarding the trade confidentiality, so that the registered trade confidentiality cannot be used and utilized by other parties.


Protection of all the new inventions that is not disclosed previously and given to the owner of the right within the time period of 20 (twenty) years. The owner of the right may prohibit other parties from making, selling or using the new invention without the permission of the owner of such right because protecting the right of the owner and the investor in obtaining the profit economically from such invention is very important. In addition, this protection is able to respond to the opportunity to develop a technology in the development of the human needs.

Industrial Design

The protection of the creation of an object in its two-dimensional form and three-dimensional form, which has the esthetic value with the protection time period in 10 (ten) years.

Integrated circuit layout design

In the modern era, man needs the technology that helps facilitate his activities. The technology is inseparable from the Integrated Circuit Layout Design that at the time of its creation needs high intellectualism ad has the potential to produce economic values for its creators. The time period of protection of the Integrated Circuit Layout Design is 10 (ten) years since the first time such design is exploited commercially.