Intellectual Property Rights

Our office is listed as a IPR Consultant in Ministry of Justice and Human Rights , therefore we can provide extensive services in the field of intellectual property, including but not limited to consulting IPR, searching for the benefit of registration, IPR registration, deletion, extension, transfer and licensing , submission of rebuttal to the issuance of other intellectual property rights which has similarities, as well as the disposal of IPR Commercial Court level.

We provide services to help companies, industries (large, medium, and small), and private agencies for IPR registration process in Indonesia and another country (copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, industrial design, layout design of integrated circuits, plant varieties) and other legal processes in the field of IPR.


We provide consultation on registration, protection and enforcement of trademark, patent, copyright, industrial designs, layout design of integrated circuits, plant varieties and geographical indications, as well as all aspects of franchising agreements in Indonesia. We also advise on the negotiation and preparation of documents and the relevant agreements, applications for registration, transfer of IPR (assignment), and public announcements, for both international and Indonesian clients.

Our office provides services in terms of the transfer of intellectual property rights, either in advising, preparing documents and contract drafting or register the transfer of intellectual property rights to the Directorate General of IPR Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Republik of Indonesia

Our offices provide consulting services and legal representation in disputes concerning aspects of intellectual property rights, which includes copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, integrated circuit layout, plant variety protection, and industrial design, and we also provide services investigations of alleged trademark infringement by third parties. In Civil aspect we able proceedings in the Commercial Court in all over Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, etc.). In Criminal aspect we acts represent and/or assist the client in making a report at the Police office in Indonesia.