Our offices serve private companies, local and multinational in almost every sector. Our services cover all aspects required in the establishment and operation of a legal entity in Indonesia, including making investment approval application and a business license, an initial public offering (IPO), Establishment of Foreign Investment Company (PMA), mergers and acquisitions of various businesses companies, as well as other fields related.

Our offices provide legal assistance to clients in the establishment of the Company (the Company) and the maintenance of all permit-license, which includes filing the Company’s name, Making Articles of Association, Certificate of Company Domicile (SKDP), Application for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), the ratification of the Articles of Association of the Company by Minister of Law and Human Rights, request for Trading License, Company Registration (TDP), Process to State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia (BNRI).

Our offices provide consultation for investment funds, private equity funds, venture capital, strategic investors, and multinational and domestic companies regarding all types of mergers and acquisitions transactions. Our services include consultation regarding compliance with applicable laws and regulations, due diligence, document preparation, and related implementation processes (including appear before public notary and government administrative agencies).

Our offices provide legal assistance to clients in the Establishment of Foreign Investment Company (PMA) and the maintenance of all permit-license, which includes Letter of Approval from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM SP), Making Articles of Association, the Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights and the Minutes of the State, Corporate Domicile Certificate (SKDP), Application of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), request for Company Registration (TDP), TEC (Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation).

Our offices act on behalf of issuers and arrangers/underwriters of debt and equity, including IPOs and secondary offerings. We have also represented both issuers and fund managers in mutual fund registrations and distribution, and convertible bond and long and medium term note issuance, and have been involved in swap transactions and other derivative products. The firm regularly advises on a wide variety of issues arising under Indonesia’s Capital Market law, including those relating to private placements, debt/equity conversions, conflict of interest transactions, insider trading, tender offers, and general disclosure and reporting requirements.

Our offices have extensive experience in project financing for industrial, power plant, telecommunications, mining and other major infrastructural projects.  We have acted for lenders, borrowers, project sponsors and developers, advising on every ‘financing’ and ‘project’ aspect involved in securing and managing a project finance transaction.

We represent foreign and domestic banks and other financial institutions in all aspects of banking and finance. Areas of expertise include syndicated loans, secured financing and structured financing. We also advise on banking law and regulations governing financial institutions in general, which entails amongst others the application of the single presence policy in the banking sector, and the formation and licensing of banks, multi-finance companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Our Offices have developed considerable expertise in asset based transactions, leasing, letters of credit, Indonesian security rights, over the counter (OTC) derivatives transactions based on ISDA, ISMA and BBA documentation, and Syariah banking and Syariah financial instruments (OTC and exchange based).

Our office provides services in the manufacture of Due Diligence for various corporate interests, such as mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, etc.

Our office has the top Insurance unit where, in each case, specific legislation imposes unique requirements regarding the establishment and operation of business entities and branch offices in each market, including the distribution of bancassurance products.

We have insurance expertise in a wide range of transactions and have represented many of the world’s largest insurance companies and their affiliates

Our Offices assist on acquisition of mines including legal due diligence work including verification of mining licenses, advice on acquisition structure, establishment of mining service companies and joint ventures, review of contracts, advice on labor issues, as well as legal representation on mining related disputes before the competent Indonesian courts. We have assisted and represented foreign and domestic entities as well as individual investors.

Our Offices legal advice to clients on establishing foreign investment companies and/or joint ventures in the oil and gas sectors, and assisting in negotiations and/or reviewing of contracts, obtaining licenses and fulfilling registration requirements for clients who will engage in providing supporting services in the oil and gas sectors, advice on employment related issues as well as dispute settlement in relation to the oil and gas sectors.

Our offices assist clients in preparing and making Franchise Agreements, Purchase Franchise, Franchise Transfer, and others to expand and build their brand on a national scale in Indonesia. We also provide legal advice to clients on regulatory issues and assist them in all aspects of structuring and setting franchise registration with the authorities.

Provide assistance to clients who will file an application Citizenship, both in advising and preparing the necessary documents and to represent and/assist clients to appear before related agencies.